Alicia Douval’s plastic boob slips out

Alicia Douval boob slipWhen you’ve had that much surgery on your breast you’re so numb you probably can’t feel whether your tit is in or our of your top. Freaky Alicia probably falls into that category in this photo.

Coco ‘Nicole Austin’ has a bikini slip

Coco Nicole Austin Bikini slipCoco’s massive plastic tits are just too big for that bikini she’s kind of wearing. So gravity gets hold of them and pulls the right one out of her top just enough so that we can see her nipple.

Katie Holmes areola slip on national TV!

Katie Holmes areolaI love it when a wardrobe malfunction slips past the censor and gets broadcast to millions of homes at prime time. That’s what happened to Katie Holmes when she guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother wearing a daringly low cut pumpkin costume which evidently wasn’t thought through very well by the costume department. Oops!

Yet another Lindsay Lohan nipple slip

Lindsay Lohan nipple slipAs she crosses the street Lindsay Lohan lets slip with another wardrobe malfunction as somehow her right nipple fights its way out of her top.

Kaylee Defer nip slip

Kaylee Defer nip slipHaving tiny tits means you’re more likely to have a nipple slip, so pretty actress Kaylee Defer should’ve been more careful when posing for this photograph. Not that we’re complaining of course.

Nancy Grace still denies this is a nipple slip

Nancy Grace nipple slipAfter doing a strenuous routine on ‘Dance with the Stars’, Nancy stood before the judges unaware that her breast — which had been stuffed into a tight dress — had bulged over the top and her nipple was showing. She quickly fixed it as the director cut away, but not before this screen grab could be made. She claims it’s a nipple cover, but why would you wear a nipple cover underneath a dress that isn’t see through?! Stop lying Nancy, we saw your nipple — deal with it.

Miley Cyrus nip slip on stage

Miley Cyrus nip slipMiley Cyrus had the briefest of nip slips while singing in concert recently – so brief in fact that we needed to pause the video extremely precisely to capture the grab of the moment.

Katie Price slips a nipple

Katie Price oopsBusty glamour model Katie Price (aka Jordan) accidentally shows off her nipple when she raises her arms and it escapes from her daringly low cut dress.

Singer Jenny Frost has a nip slip on stage

Jenny Frost nip slipJenny Frost is the hot blonde in UK girl group Atomic Kitten. In this photo she is singing and dancing on stage when her right nipple frees itself from the confines of her blouse. Oops!

Hello. It’s Nicole Richie’s nipple

Nicole Richie nipple slipThere’s nothing worse than a talentless nobody using her father’s fame and fortune to make a name for herself. Nicole Richie is a shining example of that and gets publicity however she can, including by wearing loose fitting tops that are too big for her so we can ‘accidentally’ see her nipple. Shame on me for giving her the attention, but I just can’t resist a nip slip…